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Tokenization of Raw Material
Not everyone has easy access to the experience of investing in the largest mines on earth. Here we aim to be the link between you and the world"s largest mining projects. Such guaranteed short-term profit is an amazing opportunity that very few people will ever have.


Investing in copper mining and the production process is not possible for everyone, especially retail investors. Cryptal aims to solve all these problems by combining Blockchain technology, the mining industry, copper production, and tokenization.


Currently, we are focused on our platform and the pools which will bring great fortune to our investors, considering the precious metal growing value. But that is not the final scene in the Cryptal project as we are aiming to spice things up a little bit. But how? Using the NFTs and the games, of course. As mentioned previously, each mine has an exploitation plan. Cryptal project has provided the chance for its users to be able to buy undiscovered parts of the mines, as NFTs, and then at the time of exploration, by determining the amount of mineral reserves, be paid with the $PSA token, which can also be cashed. On the other side, there is Cryptal game, which is designed to be a miner tycoon style game in which users have to exploit a mine and receive tokens.



There are many reasons for investors to choose cryptal from all the alternatives they have. To name a few we have to mention the most important ones.

Cryptal offers a guaranteed capital gain

Metallic minerals have always been regarded as a strategic source around the world

Cryptal platform is backed up with precious metals resources which makes it strongly secure

Using stablecoins to invest, you will not waste a penny, as the value not only stays the same but also will grow in time

Using Cryptal platform, users will have the opportunity to buy copper at any amount they want, either to a small or large extent



Crypto Collaboration with Real Asset

The Cryptal ecosystem is a combination of 2 multi-billion-dollar markets, which are the market of precious metals and cryptocurrencies, merged by the Blockchain and NFT technologies.

Risk-free Investment

Standing in contrast to other staking rewards that decrease with the passage of time, our pool staking rewards will be a secure and steady profit.

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